Les Groues

An iconic Grand Paris neighbourhood

In the immediate vicinity of La Défense and a regional hub, an area that contributes to the city’s resilience through its diversity and complementarity with the business district as a housing for all, low-rent neighbourhood.
A new neighbourhood in Nanterre, of comfortable density ensuring high quality of life and use, which balances scales and environments: some locations will be lively and truly metropolitan, mainly around the iconic Eole-Grand Paris Express station, while others will be more intimate and domestic, with everyday services, schools and gardens. The future construction potential is 1,000,000 sq.m
A laboratory for sustainable urban development able to contribute to the construction of the post-Kyoto metropolitan Paris. A reduced carbon footprint during the construction phase as well as during operation.
A neighbourhood that accommodates its geography, history and identity, by careful preservation and enhancement of its railway, urban and economic heritage and its exceptional views over the business district of La Défense.

Les Jardins de l'Arche and Le Croissant

The Jardins de l’Arche neighborhood, located at the foot of the Grande Arche in Nanterre, is currently under construction. It will be home to the Arena Nanterre La Défense, slated for delivery in late 2016, and promises to stand out as a major social and entertainment hub as of early 2017, enhancing Paris La Défense as a tourism hot spot in Greater Paris.
The neighborhood will also see the first residential developments in La Défense in 30 years (Skylight and One), as well as the creation of a campus for IESEG, a leading business school, and the construction of a 170-room CitizenM boutique hotel.
Built around a monumental promenade developed by Paris La Défense, linking Paris la Défense to the Arena, the Jardins de l’Arche project is designed to accommodate thousands of people before and after sporting and cultural events. The Jardins will also be home to small pavilions, both pop-up and permanent, built to host events and enliven the neighborhood's urban spirit.
In their extension, Le Croissant, as both a green corridor and urban street, will bring Nanterre closer to La Défense, formally through its landscape inroads and socially through a diversified programme.

Cœur de Quartier

The 1st phase of the Coeur de quartier project has begun. This new urban centre, with a diversified development of 120,000 sq.m, is to be built in two phases at the foot of the new Nanterre-Université métro station transformed into a multimodal cluster (2015). The 2nd phase, the operator invitation to tender for which was initiated at the start of 2013, revolves around a long shopping street, with the programming of ground floor shops, offices and housing units.
Epadesa intends to use this technical, planning and environmental challenge to turn this long abandoned site into an exemplary project in terms of tomorrow’s urban design.

La Rose de Cherbourg

The Rose de Cherbourg project in the Puteaux Défense Sud neighbourhood stems from a global view of the development of this neighbourhood, whose objectives are to :
- provide a quality supply of housing units that could be built in this La Défense sector including two student residences;
- completely consistent development projects in time and space to join up the business district and the historic town of Puteaux;
- reflect upstream environmental issues;
- favour development that leverages abandoned land to improve and make it the basis of an cost-effective project that fits in with the site’s history and the existing landscape.

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Urban plan (February 2014)